Have a few questions? Need a little help getting up and running? You can get free help from the Onyx open source community. We run a friendly Gitter chat room, publish a newsletter, maintain a mailing list, and tweet at @OnyxPlatform. Give us a shout, we're here to help!

Commercial Support

Community chat rooms are great, but maybe you need something a little more serious? If you and your company are taking Onyx to production and there's money on the line, we can back you up. We'll answer your questions, diagnose and patch bugs, and analyze running deployments in a guaranteed time frame.

In-House Training

Learning a distributed system is challenging no matter how you spin it - there's a lot to keep track of! We can jump start the process for you and conduct an in-house training seminar. We'll spend a few days with your team teaching you how to be maximally effective with Onyx. We'll reveal our hard-earned industry secrets for developing state-of-the-art analytics systems.

Architectural Engagement

Our goal isn't to make Onyx have the biggest user base of any platform. Our goal is to help you solve your problems - whatever those might be. Engage our team for architecture and design advice. A few weeks sketching out a solid, proven design can save months - if not years - of engineering time down the road.

Custom Application Construction

Sold that Onyx can solve your problems, but can't seem to find any time in the day to prove it? Hire a developer or two from our team to start your application development for you. Whether you want a prototype, or a rock solid base to build ontop of when we're done - we can build it for you. We built Onyx, and we can wield it better than anyone.