I’m excited to announce the official release of the Java API for Onyx, closing Onyx’s oldest GitHub issue: 2 years, 9 months, 4 days after its creation. onyx-java is a comprehensive API that opens up access to virtually every Onyx feature from Java – without writing a single line of Clojure.

onyx-java is a significant advancement as it marks the first language other than Clojure to have end-to-end support. The Java API is particularly interesting because it’s largely compatible with any version of Onyx. By offering a set of interfaces that mimic the generic construction of an Onyx job’s constituent components: workflow, catalog, lifecycles, and so forth – we avoid compatibility mismatches that result from binary level integration. onyx-java acts as a translator from a fluent style API into the backing set of data structures that Onyx understands.

What’s most notable about the new API is its continued allowance to dynamically create and submit Onyx jobs from runtime, something that Clojure makes easy, but is relatively challenging to implement in other languages. Onyx’s architecture requires that runtime job creation need only communicate with ZooKeeper. By rigorously conforming to the Clojure API for Onyx, onyx-java is able to achieve the same capabilities with ease.

I’d like to thank George Kierstein and Ryan Berkheimer for contributing onyx-java to the Onyx Platform. Their hard work will be appreciated by a large number of teams who have been requesting a Java API for a long, long time.

Finally, I’d like to note that while it’s been a long time since Onyx has had a major public update, we’re right around the corner from the 0.10.0 official release. 0.10 is a complete rewrite of Onyx’s internal messaging and fault tolerance engine. While it’s been production ready for a number of months, we’re spending just a little while longer hammering out any remaining issues with the beta. We’ll likely have the official release out in the next 1-2 weeks.

By Luke